Who is quincy jones dating now

Kinski has another daughter, Kenya, aged six, by Quincy Jones, the record producer.

She and Jones are no longer together; their relationship, however, is "fine".

Multiple sources close to Kourtney and Quincy tell us this is strictly a friend zone transaction. Kourtney Kardashian may hang with Scott Disick from time to time, but she's clearly on the market ...

Gesticulating fiercely, she paced up and down the Hollywood pavement, a blue-grey sleeveless Puffa jacket over her light-blue shirt, a large Louis Vuitton bag slung over her shoulder. I'm putting so much love and so much care and so much time. At 12, having been talent-spotted in a disco in Munich by Wim Wenders's wife, she appeared topless, and the victim of a grown man's half-hearted slap, in Wenders's Wrong Movement (1974); at 14 she played the young nun, writhing in lust, by whom the satanist Christopher Lee pined to have a child in To The Devil A Daughter (1976); at the same age she had the lead in Wolfgang Petersen's Reifezeugnis (1977), playing a schoolgirl who has an affair with her teacher; two years later she was, again, a naughty schoolgirl in The Passion Flower Hotel (1978) – "I'd like to find every copy of that film and burn them" – and, that same year, she appeared naked with Marcello Mastroianni in the execrable Stay As You Are. "Let's put it this way,' she says: 'If that was my daughter, I wouldn't allow that. ' Tess (1980) – a reverential, three-hour-long rendering of Thomas Hardy's Tess of the D'Urbervilles – was the film that turned Kinski into a full-blown international film-star, and Polanski her mentor: "He would be very strict with me and send me books, and send me to school. I would like to say maybe three months, but it seemed longer. I made great relationships with the other girls who were in there and at night I had all this time to think. (Though she doesn't mention it, Aliosha and Sonia have been the subjects of three court decisions; at one point, Moussa took them to Egypt to see their sick grandfather without telling Kinski.

They saw a woman who had appeared, clad only in a snake, in a Richard Avedon photograph that decorated thousands on thousands of students' bedrooms. But she's also referring to the fact that, at the age of 23, she became pregnant, had a son, Aliosha, and married his father, an Egyptian film producer named Ibrahim Moussa.

And, by 1984, they saw a woman who had made the lustrously memorable Paris, Texas and who was, it seemed, certain to become the most famous film star in the world. " says Kinski, her American English flecked with the seductive accents of a cosmopolitan upbringing. The couple also had a daughter, Sonia, now 14, but divorced in 1992 and are currently at war: Kinski refers to him as "that person".

Still, many actresses have children when they're 23 and pursue super-stardom as relentlessly as they did before their pregnancy. "I never had a family," she says, "and what I always wanted was my family.

And now that I had little kids, that's what I wanted to do: to be there. That hasn't happened." But did she never see him again?

This list contains information about Catherine Zeta-Jones' exes like Mick Hucknall and John Leslie.

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