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This article will shed some light into this shady individuals daily activities and how his sinister ways have effected the communities in which you reside.

Some Background Info: Nicknamed “Benny” his first love Angela resulted in a nasty breakup in which he was charged with Domestic Violence.

The room was raided due to excessive traffic and questionable individuals were seen in the area, many calls were made to the Econolodge at that time.

When Benny and the girls were questioned, no information was given and so therefore no charges were pressed.

One of his most common ploys in an attempt to recruit and abuse is his attempt to make a documentary of you.

He went so far as to see a girl that was in recovery all the way in Florida, on Valentines day.

He showered the girl with flowers, gifts, clothing under the impression that once she was released from her inpatient rehab that she would return back to the Cleveland, Ohio area with him and continue working.

Often picking up girls from half-way houses, rehabs and force feeding them drugs after they were trying to get sober.

Most of these events transpired at the Woodspring Suites in Avon, Ohio.

After the incident at the Econolodge, Benny upped the anti utilizing the methods in an attempt to conceal his erratic and sexually driven behavior.

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