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You can record as many videos as you like, it’s free and works directly on your computer, which means that the video you record gets processed locally and never leaves your machine unless you decide to share it or store it in Google Drive.That’s how easy it is to record a webcam video on your Chromebook using clipchamp.You can add files to your "Video" library using button.Following formats are supported: WMV, AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, MOV and MPG.****************************** If you’re after some great resources for using Chromebooks in the classroom, have a look at this collection of introductions, tutorials, classroom best practices and helpful blog posts for educators and students alike.To stay up-to-date with latest Chromebook and Chrome OS developments and apps, this news site dedicated to Chrome is a great resource.You can also move focus point and perform auto focusing.Sparko Cam automatically populates Please note that some parameters depend on current Canon camera mode and may be disabled in Sparko Cam.

Sparko Cam uses last used parameters for each mode, so it is possible to configure each type of video source only once and then quickly switch between different sources.UPDATE – We updated the webcam recording feature of Clipchamp and made it more robust.We also redesigned the app as you will notice when you open it and have used it before.However, the app also comes with an extra feature that allows you to record short videos with your webcam that you can save locally, on Google Drive or share directly on Facebook or You Tube.You can download the recorded file by clicking the “download” link next to the file name.While newer models have overcome many earlier limitations compared to Windows, Mac OS and Linux laptops and it’s quite easy to take photos or video chat using the Camera app or the latest release of Google Hangout, the current generation of Chromebooks does not come with a pre-installed application to record a video with your webcam.

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