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I'd suggest phoning, or emailing Rockler's main office (look up phone number or email address on their website), give them the zip code, or city name, your friend will be traveling through, or near, and Rockler staff will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Seal Rockler notes in their website "welcome" and "information about us," that they have a chain of stores across the USA.

I got them on sale, so I'm pleased with the purchase.), and those little rubbery gripper pads hang onto wood like a gecko scrambling up the side of your house. I jumped at the chance to purchase the Bench Cookie Plus Master Kit when they went on sale recently. Bench Cookies are a simple innovation, but I find them invaluable in my shop. First, I'm no pro, I'm just beginning to enter this woodworking thing so I have very little experience.In fact, if an iguana ever tried to walk across one of these things... Very handy product and I think I'll be getting four more cookies to go with the ones I have; using these is far simpler than scrounging for scraps of wood to elevate your workpiece. I built a change table for my new granddaughter and used the Cookies exclusively to route lots of pieces including some narrow boards. These bench cookies worked out great for me during the finishing of a medium size original picture frame made from old lumber (c. The raised drying supports allowed a quick and convenient drying arrangement. The only complaint that I have is the finishing cups don't have a positive lock. I purchase a basic set of Bench Cookies when they were first introduced. That said, I do like these "cookies" after my first use of them (to keep a piece stable while routing).The only problem I have with them is I don't have enough.I have used these bench cookies several times and tbey sre great. Have used just the cookies alone, with the painters points and the extensions. I just may buy another set just to have in case I need more.I have looked for a convenient way to store all these pieces and keep them together with the remainder of all my other "bench cookies" and accessories. Definitely would purchase again or for someone as a gift. the rubber allows the cookie and the material one is working to remain stable and not move. Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price." As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page.

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