Matchpoints dating


The Championship participated 18 teams coming from 10 European federations, and in both categories, the tournament was played in 9 rounds Robin-Round system.In category 50 Serbian team has dominated the competition with perfect result and all matches won.Furthermore, the part score of 70 by North-South is no longer available for accumulation towards a game by them; the 70 points are said to be "cut off" as signified by the drawing of the horizontal line.Having won a game, East-West are vulnerable for all subsequent deals of the rubber meaning that they are now eligible for a larger rubber bonus if they win a second game before their opponents win one and they are susceptible to increased penalties if they are defeated in a contract.

The following table summarizes the results of a rubber consisting of six deals. This scores 120 contract points below the line; since there are no overtricks, no points are scored above the line.

It is colloquially referred to as a bonus for "insult", meaning that the opponents have insulted the pair by suggesting that the declarer will not make the contract. When a contract is defeated, penalty points are awarded to the defending side.

The value of the penalty depends on the number of undertricks, whether the declaring side is vulnerable or not vulnerable and whether the contract was undoubled, doubled or redoubled.

European Senior Team Chess Championship took place in tourist settlement “Ribarsko ostrvo” in Novi Sad, Serbia, from 24th June to 4th July.

The event consisted of two categories: 50 (for players born in year 1967 or earlier) and 65 (for players who were born in year 1952 or earlier).

All the winners were awarded with cups and medals, and the best individuals of each board got additional prices.

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