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At Verizon, the On Cue project was divided in two, with one part aimed just at television and another just at mobile.

The mobile side was renamed Go90, a bit of faux youthful slang they invented to describe the moment when you rotate your phone from vertical to horizontal, putting the video into landscape mode, because you're just so "engaged" with the content.

The On Cue team had to find a new home, eventually settling with Verizon, which reportedly paid 0 million to acquire them.

In an attempt to evolve, Verizon has just launched a new service called Go90, a mobile video app it hopes will appeal to the generation that is leaving traditional television behind.

I was born in 1983, which puts me at the very far edge of the "millennial" demographic that Verizon is trying to court with Go90.

The fall TV season just kicked off, but people under the age of 25 seem not to have noticed.

The ratings for that crucial demographic dropped 20 percent compared to last year, just another data point in a much broader sea change that has seen the audience for traditional TV unravelling at a rapid pace.

Verizon is hoping that will draw people from established social networks back into the app.

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