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The app essentially requires users to seed the app with their friends, if outside of one of the large metros.

And many busy moms often complain they don’t want to install another app, so Peanut has its work cut out.

“I actually think the political climate right now demonstrates the need to hang out and need to connect with women are like-minded and share your values, more than ever,” she says.

“If I can make that part a little easier, then that’s a good thing.” A parent herself, Kennedy understands the difficulties in establishing female friendships after motherhood, having gone through the transition herself few years ago with the birth of her son.

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Unlike on dating apps, where you can end up in go-nowhere chat sessions, Peanut’s goal is to get moms to connect in the real world.

Being a new parent can become an isolating experience, where you’re thrust into a world of playdates over happy hours – a change that can lead to dwindling time spent with friends who share a different schedule and set of priorities.

A new app called Peanut, now available on i OS, wants to help.

She found that many of the mom communities today are still a bit “old-fashioned” – often websites, not apps, or online forums.

Even Facebook groups, where many moms congregate today, are like a modern take on forums, and not necessarily a place to make close friends.

When the poll wraps, you can tap to turn the poll into an invite and another tap adds it to your calendar.

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