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So naturally I came to the realization that the semen aqueduct built in the early 1900s by the Greek immigrants had finally broken down.

It wasnt until I ended up on South Street that my nose finally led me to look skyward that I found the source of the stench: The mythical, and often overlooked, Cum Tree.

This left Marie Curie a widow with responsibility for raising her two young daughters.

Marie Curie was offered a national pension, but turned it down.

Isolating the very small amounts of the new elements took years of work.

The Nobel Prize committee reportedly first considered giving the award to Pierre Curie and Henry Becquerel, and Pierre worked behind the scenes to ensure that Marie Curie won appropriate recognition by being included.

It was also in 1903 that Marie and Pierre lost a child, born prematurely.

After graduating with high honors in her early schooling, Marie Curie found herself, as a woman, without options in Poland for higher education. Through her work she met a French scientist, Pierre Curie, in 1894 when he was 35.

She spent some time as a governess, and in 1891 followed her sister, already a gynecologist, to Paris. She graduated in first place in physics (1893), then, on a scholarship, returned for a degree in mathematics in which she took second place (1894). They were married on July 26, 1895, in a civil marriage. Marie Curie continued work on her research and began work as a physics lecturer at a girls' school.

However, this year the weather has been moderate and the rain plentiful, allowing the Cum Tree to bloom, sharing its beautifully delicate white flowers and its awfully pungent odor.

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