Are rihanna and chris brown secretly dating


This is what really sent her over the edge and hurt her more than anything.

The source goes on to explain why Rihanna was so hurt: “When my girl tell you she loves you and wants to be serious with you and start a real life with you and maybe even have your baby in the future, you turn her down, and then put her on blast on a radio show,” the source revealed. Like game over.” It wasn’t just Chris saying he didn’t want to “wife” her that upset her, he also called Rihanna is “young” and said they want different things.

"He and Rihanna are just friends," Brown's rep tells Us.

"He's not cheating." Rihanna's rep had no comment.

It seemed like just another night at Henry's in West Hollywood Saturday at AM when Rihanna showed up. And then, at AM, Karim surfaces and leaves the club.

Party goers also observed them leaving the club mere minutes after each other.

Some folks on Twitter even went as far as to say that Breezy went back to her crib in the Big Apple.

“Two big name celebrities in the same club is not uncommon so this is just by chance that they ended up at the same spot nothing more to it,” we’re told by sources with real knowledge about Rihanna’s inside circle. Maybe the last time was when she (Rihanna) congratulated him on his daughter (Royalty) and she is like big now, that’s how long it has been.” Ever so often there are new rumors about Rihanna and Chris Brown getting back together, but our sources insist that the “Work” singer is over that relationship and vows to never go back.

“She has completely close that chapter of her life,” sources said. Just seeing how mature she is now and big her brand is she is not getting back with Chris so folks can just quit with all the rumors.” Rihanna made headlines last weekend for her social media beef with rapper Azealia Banks.

I don't see it ending well." "Rihanna loves to live dangerously, and talking to and hooking up with Chris is all part of that," adds a Rihanna insider.

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